CANEA 1989-2005

The Institute for Cretan Law has been essentially functioning since 1989. It constitutes an independent legal entity of public law having its seat in Canea. It is administered by the President of the Court of Appeal of Crete.
The Director of the Institute is Mr. Stratis Papamanoussakis.
Address: 15, Nearchou str., 73134 Canea, Greece.
Tel: (28210) 55787.
The Institute is equipped with modern electronic technology. It includes a library with about 5.000 volumes, a reading-room and it keeps some judicial records. All these are at the disposal of any jurist and researcher or other person who can be interested in.
The aim of the Institute is the research and the study of the Cretan Law during the different periods of its evolution as: a) The Minoan, b) The Ancient – Greek, c) The Roman, d) The Byzantine, e) The Arabian, f) The Venetian, g) The Ottoman, h) The period of the Semi-Autonomy of Crete, i) of the Cretan State and j) The Modern period.
For the achievement of  its aim, the Institute forms a library with historical records and collections and it reassembles all the rules of the Cretan Law. It also develops activities as the scientific research, the writing of studies, the publication of announcements, the issue of a scientific bulletin, the organization of lectures, seminars and meetings, the collaboration with scientists and scientific organizations in Greece and abroad, the emission of consultatory responses and every other activity is advisable.
Among the specific objects of the Institute are: a) The sectors of the custom, of the law, of the interpretation, of the case law, of the general clauses and of other sources of the law, b) the sectors of the direct diagnostic sources as those: of the inscriptions, of the papyrus, of the parchments, of the manuscripts, of the historical records and of the books and c) the sectors of the indirect diagnostic sources as those of the archaeology and of the philology.
a) "Bibliography about the Cretan Law", 1989. b) "Cretan Case-law", 1990. c) "Cretan Code", 1991-1996. d) "Retaliation", 1996. e) "The Penal Law of Crete during the Turkish Occupation", 1998. f) "Decrees of the Court of the first Instance of Canea", 1998. g) "The Arbitration in the Cretan Law", 1998. h) "Official gazettes VAKAI GIRIT-CRETE", 1999. i) "The Church of Crete", 2000. j) "Code of the legislation in effect about Crete", 2000. k) "Pandect of the Ancient Cretan Law", 2000. l) "Institutions of the Private Law during the Venetian Occupation", 2001. m) "Public finance and Tax Law of Crete", 2002.
Ten other researching programmes are in the current.
The Institute also organizes two scientific seminars per year on subjects of the Cretan Law and it continuous the specific programmes concerning the Bibliography for the Cretan Law, the Specific Legislation about Crete and the Cretan Case Law. The Institute issues the scientific year – book TALOS that already counts eighteen (18) volumes.

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